8th World Islamic Forum
“Spiritual Authority and Integration in Theory and Practice”
( 01 - 03 March 2018 )
, Istanbul - Turkey
In this forum; leadership problems of Islamic identity within modern time is projected to contribute to Islamic countries and world by considering historical roots of accumulation of civilization.  8th World Islam Forum which will be held under “Spiritual Authority and Integration in Theory and Practice” main theme aims to contribute to discourse union of Islam world, to accelerate creation of thoughts, to improve the image of Islamic countries, and to bring Islamic accumulation to the service of all humanity.
Main Theme
Spiritual Authority and Integration in Theory and Practice
Islamic Political Accumulation and Clerical Authority
Common Values and Differences: Union within Multiculturalism
The Possibilities of Clerical and Political Leadership in the Face of Contemporary Social, Political and Economic Conditions
Politic/Religious Leadership in the Context of Relations among Civilizations: Possibilities and Threats
Threats which is Originated From lack of Religious/Politic Leadership in Counter Terrorism
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8th World Islamic Forum
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