4th Turkey - Iran Forum
Tabriz / Iran
03 - 04 November 2018
“New Economy Ecosystem and Strategic Sectors”
4. Turkey - Iran Forum, within all these developments and in the new era that bilateral economic relations seems to enter, aims to take steps towards financial and sectoral deepening on the basis of "high competition - high cooperation" and to support the political and strategic will. The establishment of strategic targets in line with the "Prior Sectors" determined by the experiences gained and the results of the studies have an important place in the process of development and institutionalization of the economic relations of the two countries.
Main Theme
New Economy Ecosystem and Strategic Sectors
Prior Sectors
Public Diplomacy Language and Education
Culture and Tourism
Building, Construction and Infrastructure
Energy Petrochemical and Investment
Logistics, Transport and Communications
Banking and Finance (Strategic Investment Fund)
Economy and Trade
Media and Communication
Science and technology
Institutionalization in Trade, and Business Culture
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