International Palestine Summit 2018
Istanbul / Turkey
13 - 14 September 2018
“Israeli Settlements and the West Bank Barrier”
This wall was built under the guise of security and defense arguments. It in fact surrounds the West Bank and not the Israeli territories. It also, in many places, cuts across the Palestinian territories to annex settlers' blocs. Additionally, it separates vast areas of the West Bank turning them into closed military zones through which access is denied with an exception for having special permissions. The wall, further, undoubtedly affects the Palestinian nation politically, economically, socially and psychologically.
With this development and the absence of the required attention from the international community to effectively intervene in the Palestinian question, there is an urgent need to increase the international awareness about settlement and its outcomes on the Palestinian situation. This topic should be publicly discussed in a conference to which researchers from all over the world are invited to present their related visions and thoughts.  

Main Theme
Israeli Settlement and the West Bank Barrier in Palestine
Sub Themes
West Bank: Geography, history and political dimensions. Why is the West Bank witnessing intensive settlement activities?
Impact of settlement and the wall on the visions of both the international community and the Islamic world towards the Palestinian issue
Islamic and international positions on settlement activity and the wall with the development of the stalled peace process
Social, political, demographic and geographical effects of settlements and the wall on the West Bank residents
The current state of the international law concerning the settlement activity and the wall in the West Bank
Mechanisms and methods of facing the unjust settlement activities in Palestine and the wall in the West Bank

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