Turkey - Uzbekistan Round Table Meeting - 1
“New Term Turkey Uzbekistan Relations; Opportunities and Perspectives”
( 2016 )
, Tashkent - Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a central and defining country with respect to its global relations network in Central Asia and Eurasia. In order to preserve stability and sustainability in the region; Uzbekistan is not just important due to its geopolitical status but also it is a vital country due to its infrastructure. Uzbekistan is member of more than 100 international and regional organizations including UN, SCO, CIS, OSCE, EBRD, ADP, IMF, FAO, OIC, ECO and World Bank. Uzbekistan is a unique country with its dynamic and dense population, energy resources, market size and its position in the region.

On the other hand; Turkey with its population of 75 million, growing economy and its geostrategic position in the middle of Afro-Eurasian main continent has become a prominent country. Turkey has political, historical and cultural ties with Europe, Black Sea, Caucuses, Asia, Middle East and Africa. It is an important member of NATO, OSCE and CICA, and with its recent active foreign policy it has become an important actor in global arena. Turkey is also a key player in energy, transportation and gas pipe line policies, and in the issues of military and defense; it is a valuable partner for other regional armies.       

Turkey - Uzbekistan Round Table Meeting - 1
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