Turkey - Saudi Arabia Round Table Meetings - 1
“New Era Turkey - Saudi Arabia Relations: Capasity Building”
( 2016 )

Turkey has increasingly grown as an important actor with its 75 million population, developing and expanding economy, geostrategic position in the middle of Afro-Euro-Asian mainland; historical, political, cultural connections with the European, Black Sea, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries, its activity in the international arena, particularly in the UN; its stand as one of the most important members of NATO, OSCE, and CICA; and its recently advanced activist foreign policy.

Main Theme
The New Era Turkey - Saudi Arabia Relations: "Capacity Building"

Sub Themes
New Multi-Dimensional Security Parameters in the Afro-Eurasian Region
Economic Cooperation
Transportation and Logistics
Multi-Dimensional Security and Struggle with Terrorism
Bilateral and Multilateral Capacity Building in Member Countries of the OIC
Innovation in Public Management and Technology Sharing
Academic and Cultural Cooperation opportunities
Common Regional and Global Perspectives


Turkey - Saudi Arabia Round Table Meetings - 1
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