Civil Global 2015-2023-2053 | Global Civil Diplomacy Building Program
“Discovering the Potential”
The globalization process has forced the countries economically, politically and sociologically to face with three basic phenomenon; “integration”, “micro nationality” and “unpredictability”. All of these phenomenon have forced the traditional forms of international relations and have pushed the countries to search of new foreign policy instruments.

Main Theme
Discovering the Potential: Capacity Management and Deepening
(Strategic Vision Awards, Islamic Word Awards, Turkic World Awards)
Continental Civil Diplomacy Building
(Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, North America, Australia)
Regional Civil Diplomacy Building
(Balkans, the Middle East, Black Sea - Caucasian, Mediterranean, Türkiye)
Identical Civil Diplomacy Building (Islamic World, Turkic World)
Sectorial Civil Diplomacy Building
(Humanist Diplomacy, Defense Diplomacy, Health Diplomacy, Belief Diplomacy, Culture and Art Diplomacy, Education Diplomacy, Science Diplomacy, Business Diplomacy, Opinion Diplomacy, Water Diplomacy, Nourishment Diplomacy, Energy Diplomacy, Tourism Diplomacy, Security Diplomacy, City Diplomacy, Finance Diplomacy, Media and İnformation Diplomacy, Infrastructure Diplomacy, Service Diplomacy)
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Civil Global 2015-2023-2053 | Global Civil Diplomacy Building Program
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