Turkey - India Round Table Meeting - 2
Turkish - Indian Relations: Rising Powers in the New World
( 13 May 2017 )
, İstanbul - Turkey
The aim of Turkey - India Round Table Meetings, which are held mutually, is to display the opportunities and complementary relations between Turkey and India in the forthcoming period before the public opinion of both Turkey and India with a strategic point of view without disregarding the problematic areas. Depending on the momentum captured, medium and long term potential to transform the event into a forum with broad participation must separately be assessed.
The main and sub themes of the meeting:
Main Theme
Turkish - Indian Relations: Rising Powers in the New World
Sub - Themes
Sectoral and Financial Deepening
Security and Defense Industry
Investment, Trade, Infrastructure and Contracting
Public Diplomacy; Local Authorities, NGOs, Think Tanks and Media
Change of State Nature, Expectation Management and Multidimensional Security
Integration in South Asia and SAARC region, etc.
Energy, Water and Food Security
Science and Technology, Academy and Culture
Middle East - Africa, South and Central Asia
U.S., EU and Relations with New Partners and Regional Strategies
Emerging Powers and Adaptation to Global Governance Structures in a Multi-Polar World System

Turkey - India Round Table Meeting - 2
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