Security and Defence Reform 2023-2053 Turkey Vision Workshops
Istanbul / Turkey
02 - 04 November 2016
Within the Scope of Istanbul Security Conference 2016
In this regard, Security and Defense Reform 2023-2053 Turkey Vision Workshops, which will be held as part of 2016 Istanbul Security Conference will be organized with the support of related authorities to evaluate the Armed Forces 2033 projector developed by the General Staff and predicted vision of Turkish National Police as the milestones in the stipulated reform process in Turkey with the TASAM’s studies developed in the frame of the 2023 Vision before and revised as 2053 Vision and besides main areas of reform processes.
Security, Defense and Defense Industry 2023-2053 Vision
Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) 2033 Vision
Turkish National Police (EGM) Security Vision
Defence and Security Education
Autority Management in Defence and Security (Civilian - Soldier - Police)
Political Communication and Public Diplomacy in Defence and Security
(West-East Media and Public Opinion)
Security and Defence Reform 2023-2053 Turkey Vision Workshops
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