World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition | [POWER 2017
“Muslim Youth Strategy; for Power and Justice Building”
( 07 - 09 April 2017 )
, Khartoum - Sudan
Expected Outcomes of the “Youth Strategy” discussions can be summarized as; Youth are better to access economic and social opportunities, share economic growth, live healthy lives, and contribute to family, community and Islamic Umma wellbeing; Youth play active role in peace building and civil societies and less involved in criminal networks or extremist movements; Youth have stronger voice in, and are better served by local and national institutions.
In summary; with a sustainable, proactive perspective, the main goal of this event is to create a discussion environment on this field, and make an intellectual contribution to the perspective of building soft power/public diplomacy of Islamic world and to the global youth governance. Parallel to macro discussions, projected workshops studies’ call of paper was adopted to be prepared project/policy-based so that project/policy proposals can be discussed and concrete results can be achieved.
Main Theme
Youth Strategy for Power and Justice Building
Young Women and Men; Competition in Well Being
Youth in Building Power, Justice and Civilization
New Global Balance, Competition Parameters and Youth
Changing Nature of State, Expectation Management and Youth
Model Role in Building Human Capital; Youth

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World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition | [POWER 2017
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