Release Date : 6/19/2015
TASAM Internship Program aims to support participants to gain academic study skills, to develop existing skills and abilities in areas such as information gathering, communication and access to resources.
It is the mutual goal to make interns who will be considered in existing study areas, good researchers.
Interns support TASAM activities and works of experts.
Graduate and undergraduate students in the third or fourth years of college can apply. Considering the activities of TASAM, anyone, graduate or current student, from social sciences in various disciplines such as International Relations, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Economics, Business, Communication, and Translation departments with knowledge and interest in academics can apply.
Foreign language knowledge and academic qualifications of the candidates should be at an appropriate level to the international effort.     
TASAM interns make academic research and office work in TASAM units and affiliated Institutions. The program does not cover only one of these duties. Office work covers support (preliminary research, contacting, transcription, translation, etc.) for the activity agenda (conferences, meetings, forums, etc.).
Participate in activities such as conferences, meetings, forums.
Fulfill the tasks assigned to them from TASAM management or advisor of the trainee.
Agree with abiding with the rules of TASAM during internship period.
Interns adapt working hours and contribution call.
Each intern is obliged to prepare a paper about predetermined topic in the scope of their study area and to present the relevant experts at the end of the Program. This paper should be prepared with assigned advisor controlling academic and formal requirements for publishing the work on the TASAM website.
Institution assigns an advisor to the intern in the study area.
Institution ensures carrying out the Internship Program Framework (Chapter 1) and academic contributions of trainees.
Interns are accept to the program with an advisor assigned by the management.
Advisor is one of the experts working in the Institution.
Advisor helps the intern to prepare the required paper.
Advisor follows the development of the intern and makes recommendations about her/him to the TASAM management.
Advisors can give other task than stated.
TASAM management can also add new activities to the internship program apart from the studies conducted with the advisor.
All interns who successfully complete the program, if deemed appropriate by the advisor and TASAM management, are entitled to receive the TASAM Internship Certificate.
Applications must be submitted no later than one month before the desired internship period.
Admissions are decided following an interview after the application.
Candidates can be considered for other periods than the desired periods in case of intern quota.
Interns are accepted to the program for a period of 1 or 2 months. This period is determined in the interview with the candidate.
Applications are made via email and sent to bilgi@tasam.org. The subject line must be "INTERNSHIP PROGRAM APPLICATION". 
The documents required for application are as follows:
Statement of Purpose (candidates must indicate clearly why they want to do an internship in which area)
Resume / CV (candidates should indicate the studies and activities attended as well as, if any, academic or professional recommendations)
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