Turkey - Taiwan Roundtable Meeting - 1 Conclusion Report
Release Date : 10/26/2016
Turkey - Taiwan Roundtable Meeting - 1  Conclusion Report

1.  The first Turkey - Taiwan Round Table meeting with the main theme of "New Period of Turkey - Taiwan Socioeconomic Relations: Opportunities and Risks" in cooperation with TASAM and Taipei Economy and Culture Mission has successfully held in Istanbul on 21 October 2016
2.  At the meeting, a strong contribution was made to the establishment in both institutional and intellectual bases of the two countries' public opinion, opportunities and complementarity in Turkey - Taiwan socioeconomic relations in the new period without neglecting Turkey-Taiwan’s field issues.
3.  Under the main theme of “New Period of Turkey-Taiwan Economic Relations: Opportunities and Risks”, the issues titled as “Turkey-Taiwan Economy Relations: Opportunities and Difficulties”, “Turkey-Taiwan Free Trade Perspectives”, “Turkey- Taiwan Cooperation on the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis and Refugees Topic "and  “Possible Contribution of Turkey in the Opening of Taiwan to Central Asian Market" have been discussed.
4.  Increasing economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries has come to the fore, especially in Turkey, food exports to Taiwan, and the revenue has increased. It is emphasized that Turkey has many products that can be exported to Taiwan and that the two countries should cooperate with each other in terms of trade and to increase mutual awareness and value chain.
5.  It has come to a conclusion that there is a need for a framework approach for cooperation between universities, student exchanges, tourism and cultural studies, apart from commercial relations between Turkey and Taiwan.
6.  Taiwan could give more support on the issue of Syrian migration to Turkey
7.  Updates on Turkey - Taiwan Investment Guide, the preparation of new studies on the opportunities and possibilities offered by Taiwanese investors was discussed, the topic explained by the speakers who initiated this work.
8.  With the current status of Taiwan, it is emphasized that there are a number of areas where mutual cooperation can be achieved, but it will be successful if it is done in realistic and in a real political terms, and that the continuation of this meeting will serve as a framework to guide relations. It is also stated that the balance of trade volume and the course of Chinese-Taiwan relations will not remain as main points that affect the process.
9.  At the meeting; Taking into account the development of a strategic approach that will enable the recognition of relevant institutions, the enhancement of the civil society effect, the sophisticated contribution to development, the utilization of expertise in the development of resources and working areas, the contribution to promotional activities, the quest for academic cooperation opportunities and the evaluation of all these activities in an integrated manner. , Cooperation is welcomed between the parties at all times.
25 October 2016, Istanbul
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