Istanbul Security Conference 2016 was held


Istanbul Security Conference 2016 was held...

Istanbul Security Conference 2016 was held
Istanbul Security Conference 2016 was held by TASAM and National Defense and Security Institute in Istanbul. “Change in State Nature: Borders of Security” was the main theme.
The second of Istanbul Security Conference, First of Conference was organized in 2015 in Turkey, was held at Radisson Blu Hotel Şişli on 02-04 November 2016. National and Global security problems and global governance mechanism and corporations was argued at Istanbul Security Conference which  regionally and globally created expectance and enthusiasm and performed with the participation of 400 guests.
Presentation was made by Tolga SAKMAN Co-Director of National Defense and Security Institute. Opening remarks were given by Chairman of TASAM Süleyman ŞENSOY, High Consultant Committee Member of National Defense and Security Institute Governor Assoc. Prof. Hasan CANPOLAT, National Security Minister of Uganda Henry TUKUMUNDE, Economy Minister of Afghanistan Abdul Sattar MURAD and Parliamentary Secretary of Defence of Pakistan Ch. Jaffar IQBAL. Chief of General Staff of Poland Mieczyslaw GOCUL’s grace and gentleness approved the historical friendship of Turkey-Poland. Thanks plaques were presented to sponsors: Nestle Turkey, STM and FNSS. Media sponsors of the Conference were MSI and DEFENSE TURKEY.
Turkey and Istanbul Brand
 Chairman Şensoy; “Istanbul Security Conference approved its existence in regional and global measure by the 2016 experience. Become a Turkey and Istanbul brand that have to be followed by its agenda and outputs. The process of institutionalization, produces innovation at the regional and global measures, has transcended minds over Security/defense governance and transformation”.
Prof. Jaap de WILDE from University of Groningen, Major General Sanad Ali al-NUAIMI from Qatar Armed Forces participated Istanbul Security Conference as key lecturers. Governor Aydın Nezih DOĞAN, Governor Assoc. Prof. Hasan CANPOLAT, OECD Turkey Representative Ambassador (R) Uluç ÖZÜLKER, SSM Founder Consultant Vahit Erdem, Prof. Ersin KALAYCIOĞLU from Sabancı University, Rector of Nişantaşı University Prof. Esra HATİPOĞLU and Prof. Hasan KÖNİ from Istanbul Kültür University were moderators of panels.
ORSAM, SASAM, SİBERBÜLTEN, Istanbul Aydın University, Koç University MireKoç, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Association, Security Governance Association and Political Communication Institute organized panels at the content of Istanbul Security Conference. 
Around the main theme “Change in State Nature: Borders of Security” of Istanbul Security Conference, organized panels were held with the titles of: “Changing Security Concepts: Theoretical and Conceptual Debates”, “Human Security: Food, Environment, Health, Life”, “Border Security”, “Urban Security”, “Change in State Nature, Expectation Governance and Security”, “Private Security Companies”, “Regional Conflicts”, “Security Governance: Strategies and Players”, “New Security Technologies, Autonym Weapons: Ethical and Juristic Approaches”, “Institutes and Institutional Approaches”, “Space/Aviation, Security and Defense: Defense Governance and Practices”, “Energy Security”, “Information Security Governance: Cyber Security”, “Hybrid Wars: Transformation of Armies”.
Security and Defense Reform 2023-2053 Turkey Vision and National Mega Defense Projects Workshops
“Security and Defense Reform 2023-2053 Turkey Vision Workshops” was held on the frame of the case that Turkey's security and defense field is need to go to the reforms and revision (especially with the emergence of some concrete problems experienced) in the new power objectives at Istanbul Security Conference 2016. It was firstly developed as “2023 Vision” and after revised “2053 Vision” works by TASAM and the workshops were performed with the titles: “Security, Defense and Defense Industry 2023-2053 Vision”, “Political Communication and Public Diplomacy at Security and Defense (West-East Media and Public Opinion)”. Besides the workshop “National Mega Defense Projects” was held.


Continents ( 5 Area )
 Content ( 610 ) Event ( 164 )
Africa 64 239
Asia 68 276
Europe 13 52
Latin America & Carribean 12 38
North America 7 5
Regions ( 4 Area )
 Content ( 256 ) Event ( 42 )
Balkans 22 124
Middle East 16 103
Black Sea and Caucasus 2 23
Mediterranean 2 6
Identity Fields ( 2 Area )
 Content ( 376 ) Event ( 66 )
Islamic World 51 329
Turkish World 15 47
Turkey ( 1 Area )
 Content ( 359 ) Event ( 45 )
Turkey 45 359

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