Last 15 Days for POWER 2017
Release Date : 3/22/2017
Last 15 Days for POWER 2017
On 07-09 April 2017, World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition to be held in Khartoum-Sudan. The preparations for POWER 2017 have come to the last stage. The main theme is "Youth Strategy for Power and Justice Establishment". Interest from Turkey is increasing at the summit.
The World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition organized by World Islamic Forum together with International University of Africa with contributions from the OIC; which is being prepared by the National Committee composed of TASAM and Turkey-based youth NGOs, is expected to have a wide participation in POWER 2017.
From the previous days, it was emphasized that the preparation has successfully continued at the 2nd National Board Meeting held in Istanbul.
At the summit, cultural and artistic events will take place, as well as presentations on topics under the main theme. The Summit, where 100 Muslim youth will participate, will be held with a high level of protocol.
Summit and Fair organized with the theme of "Youth Strategy for Power and Justice Establishment" is very comprehensive in terms of its subjects. The main purpose of your event is to develop the Youth Strategy; to create a sustainable environment of discussion, positive perspective; it has been determined that influences the macro politics of the Islamic countries in this area is to make an intellectual contribution to the Islamic world's perspective of building soft power (public diplomacy) and global youth governance.
The sub-themes of POWER 2017; "Young Men and Women; Competition in Goodness "," Youth in Justice Power and Civilization "," Global New Balance, Competition Parameters and Youth ", "Changing State, Expectation Management and Youth",  identified as "Role Model Young People in the Inclusion of Human Resources."
The program will also include workshops with a titled "Youth Perspectives for Youth / Policy Proposals / Projects".
In these workshops, with the subject of; "Education and Science", "Business Life and Entrepreneurship", "Social Life", “Politics and Religion”, “Health, Social Security and Employment "," Technology and Innovation "," Defense and Security "," Social Policies and Civil Society ", "Energy and Water", "Economy and Finance", "Culture and Tourism", "Arts and Literature", "International Development Cooperation", "Urban and Local Governance", "Thought and Academy", "International Diaspora" will take place.
Among thematic activities in POWER 2017; "International Youth and Peace Building Conference 2017", "World Muslim Youth Organizations Conference 2017", "World Muslim Youth Culture Festival 2017" and "World Quranic Time 2017", are available
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