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The 3rd Think Tanks Forum of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Countries brings together think tanks of the OIC Countries to discuss “Change and Transition” at the member countries. ...

The 3rd Think Tanks Forum of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Countries brings together think tanks of the OIC Countries to discuss “Change and Transition” at the member countries.

On 2-3 March 2012, the 3rd Think Tanks Forum of the OIC Countries will include 100 think tanks group from 40 Islamic countries, and Turkey will be represented by 20 persons from 9 Think Tank board which will be hold at Baku/Azerbaijan.

3rd OIC Think Tanks Forum which will be hold by the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan (SAM) and the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) Institution of Islamic Countries. Participants from 40 countries as well as the delegations from the countries that have an observer position i.e. Russia, Thailand and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and from some other countries like EU Countries, the USA, and OIC countries’ diplomatic mission representatives, related experts and media representatives will attend. Azerbaijan Foreign Minister and a large number of ministers will initiate the Forum and the special guest of the forum is previous Prime minister of Malaysia; Mohammad Mahathir.

The first Forum was held under the main theme ‘Peace, Civilization and Cooperation’ emerged in January, 2010; 2nd Forum was held under the main theme ‘Public Diplomacy’ in Istanbul, in March 2011. Third Forum will be held under sub themes of ‘Socio-economic and Political Transformation’ , ‘Innovation on Public Administration’ , ‘Economic and Human Development’, ‘Vision Progress for National and International Politics’, ‘Construction and Prosecution of New Think Tanks’, and ‘ Social Media’ in Baku. The forth of Forum will be held on Cairo as date of 22-23 February with the cooperation of TASAM and IDSC.



Suleyman Sensoy, Chairman of TASAM, who mentioned that the economic, political and cultural results of the globalization are directly affecting the new international system, that many tools and techniques used in the monopolar world order during the Cold War and afterwards are not working in this new international system and is remaining ineffective, said: “the multipolar ‘New World Order’ which is appearing is built on communication, informatics, thought, strategy and technology”. He also added that the necessity to control sociological phenomena such as brain drain, made mandatory to train qualified visionary personal not only in the field of economics, but also in the political and social areas. For this reason, it has become inevitable for OIC member countries to develop a strategic vision not only in the economic sphere but also in the political and social areas and to make a great effort in developing human resources as well as national and international vision. He also expressed that the end of transitions and transformations centered of Islamic Countries has taken greater risk with the sphere of restrainable crisis policies in the 21st century, could be solved with the greater attention to human resource structure.



Chairman Şensoy: ‘From this point of view, 3rd Think Tanks Forum of the OIC Countries will be held to complement the studies of the first two Forums and to form the roof of three main institutional bodies, which were agreed to be established in these meetings: Wise Men Group, Working Group on Innovation in Public Administration and Economic Human Development Working Group. Wise Men Group will be made just before the Forum, in Baku, 1 March 2012.

Any increase in countries’ innovation performance plays a key role in economic and social development and welfare. Innovation is one of the most important driving force for transition to knowledge- based economy. Countries with effective systems of innovation and development policies advance rapidly in the race of development and, thanks to innovation, succeed to minimize disparities. Improving innovation activities and increasing the innovation performance in the OIC Countries through providing continuity for these activitties with systematic and strategic approaches will contribute directly to the process of development of national economies, the quality of life and social well-being. As a last point, one of the essential factor to cope with integrated policy of OIC Countries toward innovation on public diplomacy, it has inevitable to make duration for constructing pro-active mission in the OIC Countries and enable to make reinforcement in that process.


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Continents ( 5 Area )
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Africa 64 239
Asia 68 276
Europe 13 52
Latin America & Carribean 12 38
North America 7 5
Regions ( 4 Area )
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Balkans 22 124
Middle East 16 103
Black Sea and Caucasus 2 23
Mediterranean 2 6
Identity Fields ( 2 Area )
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Islamic World 51 329
Turkish World 15 47
Turkey ( 1 Area )
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Turkey 45 359

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