How can Turkey bring itself to a regional power status in South Caucasus and how this will affect its relationship with EU
Release Date : 9/5/2012

Orxan Hesenov

The world is divided into different spheres of influence according to the strength of the states and their ability of having impact over others in international affairs. Super powers are on the first place which have influence and have a say in the most parts of the world, including International and regional organizations. They take part and have a great impact on different world programs and projects. After the collapse of Soviet Union the USA remains only superpower in the world. Major Powers stand in the second place which can be considered as influential in many parts of the world, mainly they have a say in more than one region. Russia, China, France, England are considered as major powers in the world. And regional powers are on the third place which seem as the leaders of the regions, they have influence on the countries of the region and take active part in solving regional economic, social, military problems. In some sense regional powers play its role as a judge in solving disputes of the region. It means that the states of the region accept and apply to its major existence and say in the region.

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