International Palestine Summit 2018 | CALL FOR PAPER
Release Date : 3/20/2018
International Palestine Summit 2018 | CALL FOR PAPER
The Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which began with the occupation of Palestine by Israel, is expanding day by day and has increased in a way never seen before. Within the regional and international conjuncture, the Israeli government is reforming a reality that can not be changed in the West Bank. These settlement clusters established by Israel gradually expanded to villages and cities belonging to Palestinians and separated these villages and cities from each other.
However, the West Bank Barrier, which Israel is still conties to build and claimed to be built because of security concern, has caused the West Bank to be an open prison, causing too much damage here hard to be repaired. This distinction, which has created political, economic and sociological problems in Palestine, has continued to be built despite the reactions of international public opinion and systematically the West Bank territory's connection with the outside world has now been cut off both physically and psychologically.
With the main theme of “Israeli Settlements and the West Bank Barrier”, TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies) is organising “International Palestine Summit”  in Istanbul on 21-22 June 2018 in cooperation with, “Vision for Political Development”, “Islamicjerusalem Research Academy”, “Istanbul Medeniyet University Center for Civilization Studies”. The aim is to create an effective public awaraence by bringing the problems of Palestine as an issue of concern to the entire Islamic World, back to the international arena. High level government representatives, academicians, policy makers, experts, members of think tanks, bureaucrats and other interested parties are expected to participate to the Summit.
We are inviting proposals for papers addressing one of the following themes.
Main Theme
Israeli Settlement and the West Bank Barrier in Palestine

Sub Themes
West Bank: Geography, history and political dimensions. Why is the West Bank witnessing intensive settlement activities?
Impact of settlement and the wall on the visions of both the international community and the Islamic world towards the Palestinian issue
Islamic and international positions on settlement activity and the wall with the development of the stalled peace process
Social, political, demographic and geographical effects of settlements and the wall on the West Bank residents
The current state of the international law concerning the settlement activity and the wall in the West Bank
Mechanisms and methods of facing the unjust settlement activities in Palestine and the wall in the West Bank
Trump Administration and the Palestine Question
What is expected after Trump has taken office?
USA’s Attitudes towards the Israeli Settlements in the West Bank
Trump Administration Attitudes towards Beytülmakdis
The importance of Palestine Issue and Settlement Policies with Regards to US Interests in the Middle East
Effect of settling down the Palestinian question and furthering the Israeli settlement on the American interests in the Middle East
Paper Sendings
To participate to the summit as a speaker, please send your abstract in MS Word to  arranged as following: 

-       Title of Paper
-       300 words abstract, 5 keywords
-       Institutional Affiliation and short biography (not detailed CV)
-       Papers can be in Turkish, English or Arabic as well.

Deadline for Abstracts     : 18 April 2018
Announcements of Accepted Papers : 30 April 2018
Deadline for Full Papers : 01 June 2018
Summit  : 21-22 June 2018
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