7th Annual Conference Of Balkan Communication Network Working Group Meeting Edirne Declaration ( Draft )


1. “Balkan Communication Network” (BCN) founded by the participation of 23 NGOs from 11 Balkan countries in founding conference which was organized by efforts of Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey in 2005, Ankara was held the “Balkan Communication Network” (BCN) 7th Annual Meeting by Turkish Asian Centre for Strategic Research (TASAM) on May 3, 2013. During meeting, it has been decided that the 2005 Ankara Certificate of Formation will be updated and arranged according to current circumstances.

2. It has been discussed and approved that communication will be accelerated thoroughly weekly electronic e-mail.

3. It has been agreed on developing present web site www.balkancom.net and offered the support of technical service of TASAM. It has also been offered to use social media actively and decided on attempt for it.

4. Recommendations presented for the active use of social media via Twitter and it was decided to attempt relatively.

5. It has been agreed that each Balkan country representative will share the list of think tanks in his own country with all the participants as soon as possible.

6. It has been decided that it would be beneficial for the EU countries to be a member of Communication Network and steps for this goal will be taken.  

7. Underlining the example of new member Moldova, it has been stressed that extending the Communication Network among the countries in the region and integrating with new countries might be beneficial.

8. It has been underlined that the problems between member countries should not affect the process.


Continents ( 5 Area )
 Content ( 610 ) Event ( 164 )
Africa 64 239
Asia 68 276
Europe 13 52
Latin America & Carribean 12 38
North America 7 5
Regions ( 4 Area )
 Content ( 256 ) Event ( 42 )
Balkans 22 124
Middle East 16 103
Black Sea and Caucasus 2 23
Mediterranean 2 6
Identity Fields ( 2 Area )
 Content ( 376 ) Event ( 66 )
Islamic World 51 329
Turkish World 15 47
Turkey ( 1 Area )
 Content ( 359 ) Event ( 45 )
Turkey 45 359

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