TASAM Visit of the Indian Ambassador

Rahul Kulshreshth, the Indian Ambassador to Turkey, visited TASAM ( Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies ). The process and the details which are about to organize the 2nd Turkey - India Roundtable Meeting, whose 1st was organized in New Delhi with the cooperation of ICWA and TASAM, in Istanbul, were consulted with Mr. Ambassador, who has just begun to his mission. Kulshreshth, who had an exchange of ideas in terms of the projects about future, asked questions to Süleyman Şensoy, TASAM Chairman, about India - Turkey relations and the other local and global trends.
Şensoy pointed out that India - Turkey relations will be able to have an important role in the new World, which has been changing; both two countries should evaluate their economy potentials wisely; TASAM has been maintaining the studies in this perspective as an institution; and the acceleration of all will increase, by emphasizing the importance of developing the partnership in economic and strategic subjects, and the cooperation between two countries.
Also, Dr. M. Hilmi Özev, the Secretary General of Think Tanks Platform of the Islamic Countries, participated to the meeting that was organized in the visit of Rahul Kulshreshth, the Indian Ambassador to Turkey, on Tuesday in 14 October 2014.
At the end of the visit, Chairman Şensoy and Ambassador Kulshreshth gave the gifts about the cultural motifs of their countries, to each others.


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