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Since Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the Great Conqueror of Istanbul, Turkey is run by “Devshirme” system.

Although Turkic World is covering a broad specter of regions, in this brief paper I chose to concentrate on Central Asia in terms of how

Original Geography: Turks seem to have originated in the geography around Baikal Lake, about 500 BC, then spread to the steppes around the crescent formed by Lakes Baikal, Balkash and Aral. Our presence in Central Asia can best be defined by “perpetual motion on horseback”.


Dear ministers, Honorable ambassadors, Estimable governors, Deputies both from Turkey and from ally and friend Turkish governments Dear representatives of NGOs Friends of Media Members Ladies and Gentlemen

Mr. Chairman, First of all let me thank you for invitation. For me it is a great honor to take part in such important event as a First World Turkic Forum. I would like to correct the program; I am a former Minister for Human Rights and Minorities of Czech Republic.

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The Summary; Turkey and China have been developing an effective strategical cooperation according to the sustainability ...